July 2006    


The ESOC Chorus

Jeanne Conard, Conductors

 James Schar, Piano


A 15th Century Nonsense Song:                                                                                                  Anonymous
            "Dit le bourguignon"                                           Arranged by Jeanne Conard and James Schar

“Bonjour, mon coeur”                                                                                    Orlando de Lassus, 1532-1594

Two 16thCentury Italian Partsongs:                                                          G. Giacomo Gastoldi, 1556-1622

Two 20thCentury English Partsongs on 16th Century Texts:”
          "Full fathom five"                                                                                             Charles Wood, 1866-1926
          "Come live with me and be my love"                                                               John Rutter, 1948 -

"On My Own"                                                                                      Alain Boublil, Claude-Michel Schönberg
                                                from the Musical Les Miserables
                                               Michaela Roubert, Messo-Soprano

"Az ja pojedu"                                                                                                                  Tschechisches Volkslied
                                                                                                                                      Arrangement Petr Eben, 1929

"I Bought Me a Cat"                                                                                                      Aaron Copland, 1900-1990
                                                                                                                          transcribet for chorus by Irving Fine

"Nur nicht aus Liebe weinen ..."                                                                           Theo Mackeben, 1897-1953
                                                 from the film Es war eine rauschende Ballnacht
                                                          James Morgan, Tenor

"Die Beredsamkeit"                                                                                           Franz Joseph Haydn, 1732-1809

"If I fell" (1964)                                                                                                 John Lennon and Paul McCartney

"Bosom Buddies"                                                                                                                   Jerry Herman, 1931 -
                                                             from the Musical Mame
                                            James Morgan, Tenor; James Schar, Baritone

"Skylark"                                                                                                                   Hoagy Carmichael, 1899-1981
                                                                                                                                                    Arranged by Mac Huff

"Anything Youz Can Do, I Can Do Better"  (1946)  Irving Berlin, 1888-1989
                                               from the Musical Anne, Get Your Gun
                               Jeanne Conard, Mezzo-Soprano; James Morgan, Tenor

Scene Number 18: "Hold! "                                                                                         Arthur Sullivan, 1842-1900
                                                     from the Operetta  H.M.S. Pinafore
Captain Corcoran:  Joe Wheadon                                                           Ralph Rackstraw:  Norbert Irgang
The Rt. Honorable Sir Joseph Porter, K.C.B., First Lord of the Admiralty:   Alastair McDonalld
Boatswain Bill Bobstay;  Brian Diserens                                                     Cousin Hebe:  Ursula Dächert
Dick Deadeye:  Arno Brückner                                                                               Tom Tucker:  John Hatley
                           Visiting Ladies (Sisters, Cousins and Aunts of Sir Joesph), and Sailors


Duo des Sauvage en Rondeau                                                                    Jean-Philippe Rameau, 1683-1764
                                                        from the Opera Les indes Galantes
                     Duets: Anne Kraft, Michaela Roubert, Jeanne Conard, James Morgan
                                                         Les Sauvages: The ESOC Chorus