3 March 2005    EUMETSAT, Darmstadt, Germany

"Music to Uplift the Soul"


The ESOC Chorus

 James Schar and Jeanne Conard, Conductors

 James Schar and Michael Jones, Piano


“Go to Dark Gethsemane”                                                           T. Tertius Noble, 1867-1953

        The ESOC Chorus


“Out of the Deep” (Psalm 130)                                                     John Rutter, 1945-
”The Lord is my Shepherd” (Psalm 23)

        from the Requiem; Frank Westphal, Violoncello; Gerhard Schorlemmer, Flute;

        The ESOC Chorus; James Schar, Piano


„Erbarme Dich, Mein Gott“                                                            Johann Sebastian Bach, 1685-1750

        from the St. Matthew Passion; Jeanne Conard, Mezzo-Soprano; Michael Jones, Piano


“Kol Nidrei“                                                                                       Max Bruch, 1838-1920

        Frank Westphal; Michael Jones


Five Mystical Songs                                                                       Ralph Vaughan Williams, 1872-1958

”I got Me Flowers”
”Love Bade Me Welcome”
”The Call”

        Jeanne Conard; James Schar; The ESOC Chorus


“When Jesus Wept”                                                                           William Billings, 1746-1800

        The ESOC Chorus


 “The Knight of the Grail”                                                                   Anonymous Poem, 13th century

        (Corpus Christi Carol)


“Ave Verum Corpus”                                                                          William Byrd, c.1540-1623

        The Chamber Singers


“Wade in the Water”                                                                           Spiritual, arranged by Lydia Adams

        Jeanne Conard; James Schar; The Chamber Singers


“Deep River”                                                                          Spiritual, arranged by Harry T. Burleigh, 1866-1949

        Frank Westphal; The ESOC Chorus


„Herzliebster Jesu“                                                                             Johann Crüger, 1640

        The Chamber Singers


“Y Delyn Aur”                                                                                         Welsh Hymn; Alaw Gymreig

        Jeanne Conard; Frank Westphal; The ESOC Chorus